Everyone is striving for beautiful skin with a healthy glow, but what is the best method to achieve this look? Studies have shown that sun exposure can cause skin cancer and wrinkles...so you should consider using alternative tanning methods that do not hurt your skin. One of the best methods of healthy tanning is spray tanning. Instant, Safe results!
A traditional tanning bed tan usually only lasts for a couple weeks and requires several visits to see real results. In addition, you must maintain this by continuing to tan just as often. It's 2011 and by now we all know the negative affects of tanning. Are the side effects from UV rays worth the short period that a tan lasts?  We at SBG have all used traditional tanning methods, but after the consistent studies regarding side affects we obviously found a better way to tan. We are proud to help people gain that "just at the beach look" safely!

Spray tanning uses safe chemicals to gently add color to your skin, allowing you to skip the wrinkles and potential skin cancer from UV rays! In addition airbrush tanning takes just minutes and can be maintained with just a few visits a month...not week. Saving your time and your skin is what spray tanning is all about! Not to mention the obvious benefits,  immediately results, and the look of a more slim and trim body!

Several studies have determined that seeing yourself with a healthy glow does wonders for your self esteem. Some cases have even shown people with a tan are more confident, feel healthier, care more about their appearance, and generally are more sociably appealing..But having these benefits shouldn't come with a health risk. According to the World Health Organization, frequent tanning bed users have the same risk percentage of having serious side effects as that of tobacco users.

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